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Ebola! Ebola!! Ebola!!!

The fear of Ebola is spreading like wild fire across the country. My two year old grandson chants Ebola as he runs around the house.

For the first time in decades, we have the media taking the issue with all the deserved seriousness. There is hardly anyone who does not know about the dreaded Ebola virus.

Handshakes and hugs have been put on suspended sentence for the time being. Everyone wants to stay alive. Caution is the watchword.

The sales of disinfectants and hand sanitizers have sky rocketed and shot out of the roof making the business good for the manufacturers and resellers.

Coughing and sneezing have become reasons to suspect anyone of being infected. How do we cope with the high traffic areas like banks and the numerous taxi door handles.

Surely we all need gallons upon gallons of sanitsers to beat the odds.
What about the Okada seats that you need to touch?

The closure of schools nationwide has also put the toll on parents. A friend lamented about paying a full term’s fee for eight weeks of schooling for the children.

I was concerned about the closure of the popular “bush meat” buka off Lajorin Street. The patrons must by now blaming the dreaded virus for depriving them of their regular delicacy. What happened to freedom of choice?

Do we need a major epidemic to be reminded of the often overlooked rules of basic hygiene? How come some schools are waiting for the government to provide them buckets and plastic wash hand bowls that were regular fixtures in all schools in the eighties?

As we struggle to stay alive, I sincerely hope we continue with our newly “discovered” healthy attitudes even when we are able to conquer the dreaded virus.

I dreamt of a bride walking down the aisle while the groom was busy rubbing hand sanitiser on his hands. If we had no sanitsers, would he have the guts to kiss the bride, having been walked down the aisle by a possibly ‘infected’ father? My dream was cut short when the priest proclaimed “You may kiss the bride now!”and shouts of Ebola! Ebola!! Ebola!!! filled the church. What a dream?

Till we meet on this page again, remember, the fear of Ebola is the beginning of wisdom.



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