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Arranging Your Living Room Sofa

With the right sofa arrangement, living room furnishing can be very simple but still look very luxurious. To position you sofa and achieve adequate space and convenience, here is help for you.

Functional layout
Furnishing a living room with two sofas provides additional, stylish seating for entertaining guests or spending time with family members.

Arrange the sofas to create a functional layout that can accommodate your needs and the available floor space. The visual weight in a room should also be well balanced to avoid making one side of the room appear heavier and lopsided.

Facing each other
Arranging a pair of sofas to face each other provides an ideal conversation area. Situate the front-facing sofas to accentuate a focal point in the room, such as a picture window. For example, place the two sofas to face each other, with the focal point centred at an open end of the sofa arrangement.

This layout draws attention to the focal point while providing a symmetrically-balanced arrangement for conversation. When two sofas are unequal lengths, position a small end table beside the shorter one to visually balance the weight of the longer sofa.

A back-to-back sofa arrangement helps to divide a large living room into two separate sitting areas. Centre the two sofas in the middle of a spacious room, with the sofa backs against each other. Slide the sofas apart to position a sofa table between them. Top the table with a lamp at each end and a tall vase of flowers centred in the middle. Add a pair chairs and coffee table to complete each sitting area.

L-shaped arrangement
Create an L-shaped furniture layout with two sofas by positioning them adjacent to one another. Tuck an end table in the small space between the sofas and place a table lamp atop the end table to help illuminate the area for reading or hobbies. Adding a third sofa or two armchairs on the open end of the "L" forms a U-shaped arrangement, offering even more additional seating. Position the open section of an L-shaped layout toward a picture window to provide a scenic outdoor view.

Other ideas
Lay an area rug between two sofas to anchor them in the room, providing a cohesive, unified arrangement. When positioning sofas against a wall, leave at least one or two inches between the wall and sofa. This protects upholstery damage that can result from a sofa rubbing repeatedly against a wall. It also helps to protect a wall from scrapes, mars and dents from abrupt contact by a sofa.



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