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Helpful Travel Etiquettes To Practice On Your Next Vacation

Travelling exposes you to diverse culture, people, tradition and religion which may be entirely different from what you know. While getting acquainted to a different culture and environment may sometimes be difficult or challenging, it is however advisable to practice good travel etiquettes in order to make your experience a memorable one.
Here are some helpful travel etiquettes you sure should imbibe:
When you travel, chances are that something may piss you off or go wrong but generally, things more often than not will not work out the way you hoped or planned. For example, waiting in queues, getting things wrong because you don’t understand the language and chasing dreams that looked so much closer in the photos; whatever the situation is, stick it out, take it slow, breathe and smell the roses. Just be calm and patient!

It is human nature to grumble about things; but when we travel, you are supposed to keep the grumbling at bay by appreciating every little kind gesture from strangers. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, even if their food seems strange and you can’t cope with it, be polite and show gratitude.

If you are visiting a country where English is probably not an official language, try as much as you can to learn at least some basics; like how to ask for directions, how to greet people and how to say thank you. You must however be careful while speaking a foreign language as some words that may sound like English may totally mean something else in another language.

Avoid Littering
While littering the environment may be a punishable offence in a particular country, locals may however get away with it and for some reason it may not be frowned at by other locals or even the authority. Regardless of what the locals do though however, it doesn’t give a traveller the right to do likewise. Avoid littering the environment and instead set an example for the locals to trash things correctly.

Showing disrespect or speaking ill about the religion practiced may cause a lot of trouble as it may be seriously upsetting to locals who may in turn make you feel unwelcome. Religion is a sensitive topic and it is best to keep your opinion and reservations about a certain religion to yourself

Learn A Bit Of The Geography
Just as the locals might appreciate you for knowing a bit of their language, they’ll also like knowing that you know a little of the geography.
For instance, if you’re in Brazil, for example, it would help to know that Brasilia is the capital, and Sao Paolo is the largest city.

Appreciate Other Cultures
Learning about other cultures in school is one thing, but actually experiencing a culture is completely different. Whether you’re visiting art museums, looking at grand architectural landmarks, or even just stopping for a coffee break in a happening café, traveling exposes you to people and lifestyles that are completely different than anything you’ve probably encountered back at home.

Whatever the culture or tradition is, learnt to appreciate it as we are unique and different in beautiful ways.



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