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Tips in Decorating Small Bedrooms

Kareen Liez

Decorating small bedrooms is indeed a challenge. But when done well, you will be happy with the results. There are a lot of things to be considered when decorating small bedrooms because choosing just anything to place in the room can make it look small. If that happens, you might fail to give it a good look. You might end up getting a crowded room.

For today’s article, we will be giving you tips on how you can decorate a small bedroom. Before you decide to start designing your bedroom, you might want to consider checking the points we have below. These tips will surely help you get a well decorated bedroom no matter how small it is.

1. Paint the bedroom.
The cheapest way to decorate your bedroom is to paint it. You can do it on your own or you can hire someone to the painting for you. Choose the right colours of the paint that would make your bedroom look bigger. You can also try to use faux painting for more appeal. Just don’t use the more complex ones so that it will still look simple.

2. Use wallpaper.
Wallpapers are good to enhance a bedroom’s look. Since your bedroom is small, you can use wallpaper on certain areas of the bedroom. Do not place wallpaper on all the walls of the room because it will look small. Using wallpaper with vertical stripes can make it look larger since the eyes will be drawn to the ceiling. You can also use borders for the wall if you do not like to use wallpapers.

3. Choose right colours.
Paint colours in blue, beige and pastels can give your bedroom a relaxing ambiance. You can also choose to use brighter hues for a more aesthetics and to make it appear cosier. Aside from the paint colours, you also have to look into all the colours you will use for the interior for the furniture, accessories and decorations.

Let the colours look coherent so that your bedroom’s appearance will have a perfect visual impact. You may also use colours that are your favourites. Just be sure to choose good combinations. A technique for using colours in small bedrooms is to repeat the use of it all throughout the room in order to draw the eyes around the room.

4. Play with textures.
Instead of using too much patterns for the bedroom, use textures because patterns will make it look small and crowded. Add some fabrics to smooth surfaces. The texture from your decorations like a beaded lighting fixture can add appeal to a bedroom. You can also place carpets on the floor that looks soft for the eyes.

5. Use plains and prints for bedding.
You can use printed fabrics with patterns on anything on it. But it would be better if you combine that with plain coloured fabrics to neutralize the look. This way, it won’t look too heavy for the eyes. Be sure to choose colours and prints that go well together.

6. Combine decorations in an area.
Instead of scattering decorations or arranging them in different areas of the bedroom, combine them in one or two places. Arrange them well so that they will as a unit. When placing wall decorations, you can use small decors and combine it on one area. If you use a bigger painting, use slender frame so it won’t look bulky.

7. Do not crowd with furniture.
Do not place too many furniture inside your bedroom. Place only those that you need. It would even be better if you use furniture that have multi-functions. Like a storage under the bed or on the header, an ottoman storage and others. Having much furniture will only crowd your bedroom, making it hard for you to access other areas of it.

8. Use wall lights.
Wall lights save space and can also serve as a wall decoration in your bedroom. It looks good especially if you choose a lighting that goes with your interior. Aside from that, it will of course illuminate your bedroom.

9. Create a focal point.
One good way to decorate a small bedroom is to create a focal point. Most of the time, it is the bed’s header that is used as a focal point. Decorate your header by placing wallpaper on it or you can place pictures frames on top of it. A canopy can also look good and can give your bedroom a romantic aura.

10. Place reflective elements.
Reflective elements include glass items like mirrors and glass displays. This can make your bedroom a lot bigger since light bounces on it towards the entire bedroom.
A small bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it look stunning while making it appear visually larger. We have just given you tips in decorating a small bedroom. With these tips on small bedrooms, you will surely get the bedroom interior you have been dreaming to have!



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