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Male grooming & fashion tips

Guys, you need to step up your game and start getting to know the right clothes and the perfect look to snag the lady you desire or step up your swag. Here are some fashion tips!

Find the perfect leather jacket
A quality leather jacket is something every guy should invest in because it adds instant class. Just make sure it’s the right texture. If the material looks too tough, people aren’t going to want to approach you. Look for a quality coat in black or brown.

Rock perfect specs
Wearing different glasses is the easiest way to switch up your look. People notice your face first and will note the difference immediately.

Keep a slim wallet
Ditch the punch cards, and even the photos of the kids (save them on your phone instead) Limit the billfold to your ID, your cash, and two ATM cards.

Add a pop of colour to your legs
Let go of the dark, dry choices in clothes that make you look older than you are and add a pop of colour to your socks collection. Add a few pastels to make you look brighter and note that a coloured sock will bring focus to your legs.

Wear clean shirts
Once you leave your teenage years, you are simply not allowed to leave the house looking dirty. No one will take you seriously if you are talking to them in a dirty rumpled shirt. Being single is no excuse because you never know where you’ll meet your future lady. Wear a crisply ironed shirt wherever you’re going to, so that you always look presentable.

Properly tailored pants
Every stylish gent needs a pair of slim trousers as these accessories breathe new life into a classic ensemble. A versatile addition to the wardrobe ensures to get them to be tailored for a truly personalized fit.




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