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Every Job Gives Me Fulfilment- Senge Olubunmi Abdulrasheed

Who is Mr. Senge Olubunmi Abdulrasheed
I hope am able to answer you favourably. I was born into a Muslim home, second born of Alhaji and Alhaja Senge.
I come from a family that believes so much in hard work and business, from an early stage I had been involved in the family business. So naturally I just was able to blend into business when I was much older.

Tell us about Hydrofa'ad and Mofa'ad?
Hydrofa'ad is a drilling company which has gained recognition for prompt delivery of projects, technical knowhow, and equipments here in Nigeria, while Mofa'ad is a sister company that specialises in Solar Systems such as Solar Street Light, Solar Pump, Solar Panel and Inverter

What inspired the idea of starting up Hydrofa'ad and Mofa'ad?
I love the profession. It has a lot of challenges, more so, I like to solve problems and taking a look at my environment. Water and electricity are a major hassle so I decided to go into the business of providing alternative solution to electricity and water to mention a few.

Who are your corporate partners?
SWLS Pump, LUBI Pump & Motors, LORENTZ Solar Power Systems and GROUNDSFOS Pumps.

You are known to join your workers during the execution of projects why?
A job perfectly done will be worth more in hand than so many shoddy jobs. I prefer to supervise the job myself and when the need arises I join my workmen if that will make us meet up with our projected time of delivery.

What is your staff strength?
We have a large work force on contract basis. We deploy our workmen according to the size of the job at hand.

Where does Rock Motel come in?
Rock Motel as fondly called by its clients is a family business and I am the director. My father was the one managing Rock Motel, but I stepped in due to old age and also to give the place a bit of a modern touch. It ’s also my branch office here in Ilorin.

What makes your business stand out?
Good taste and quality Jobs, this is because I have trained men who work with me and also we guarantee our quality because we have direct control over our processes. Quality is assured as I am always on site with my engineers and workmen when executing a project no matter how small.

What has the business prospects been (sales)?
Business has been good by the Grace of Almighty Allah (S.A.W) I would say we have a high turnover in our own modest way because every job gives me fulfilment knowing that we are gradually getting there.

What are the challenges you face managing different businesses?
Time has always been my major challenge because I always want to oversee every business I am involved in. But with God everything is possible.

What has business in Kwara being like?
I must confess Kwara is good I am a native of Kwara and I have been here almost all my life business thrives here if you know people and you are very hard working.

Considering that your kind of business does not have many major players how do you cope?
It's a blessing in a way as there are very few people to compete with and also it gives room to determine how the market will be serviced.

Would your children be involved in this business?
Well, for now I can't tell because our children these days already determine what they want to before they are out of school but the business will be there for which ever of my children decides to tow my line.

What do we expect in the near future?
We hope that in the near future we will be bigger than we are and also to hopefully be able to render our services to virtually every home in Kwara.



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