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How To Love Your Spouse Again

Many people find themselves fighting with their partners night after night. They almost wish they could run away and just find a better life somewhere else.

The more they fight the more they struggle to find positive feelings about one another. Often, one partner becomes discouraged and experiences feelings of hopelessness regarding the survival of marriages here are some ways to find that love;

1. You must want your relationship to work.

2. Reflect back on the things that made you fall in love. If either of you have changed or those things are no longer there, then look for qualities in your spouse that you are still attracted to. Often, one or both spouses become complacent in their actions and obligations to both the marriage and spouse. Many people wrongly believe that after the wedding no more effort is required.

A successful marriage requires just as much attention, kindness, effort and thoughtfulness from each spouse as it did during the dating process.

3. Be honest with your spouse. Let him or her know what you are feeling and thinking. It may be painful but it is better that they know and can lend support. Mature consideration from both partners can help work through the difficult feelings and formulate an action plan you both can agree on.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Do not accuse. Do not threaten. Do not nitpick. Those are wedges that will drive the strongest relationship apart.



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