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Acquiring Your Dream Home

We have always had the belief that the size of our home would always be a determining factor of how financially sound we are, but I must say gone are those days.

We are in an era where our children and family members have become more sensitive to change and look out for where suits them rather than where they have properties. And as such we must be wise when building our dream home.

I would rather suggest to build a home and not a house as it will be more functional and easy to maintain. I will give a scenario of an elderly friend who built a mansion.

Its not his fault though he had a large family but by the time he realised it all his children and those he was caring for married and left him with his wife in the mansion now the old couple live on the ground floor of the house with a maid who can't clean beyond the ground floor.

A dream house is one you will be comfortable in, you could have a three bedroom or four bedroom house with a jacuzzi, a play pen for children and grand children, a laundry in your kitchen, a spacious sitting area, an office for those who prefer to work from home.

All these does not have to be too big. You would have safeguarded your finance as you would not be wasting money that could go into investing in your future (family).

As earlier said the children once in the junior secondary school already are nursing the idea of moving out as soon as they secure admission into the university.

Don't build for rats and other creepy crawlies. Build to enjoy it. Cheers!



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