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How To Make Meat Safer

Most of us find the taste of meat irresistible and cannot imagine reducing or abstaining from its intake. In this article, we will discuss measures to make meat safer for our consumption.

Honey: It has been discovered that adding honey to meat before cooking helps block the free radicals as well as improve the taste and smell of the meat.

Pepper: Researches at West Virginia University and Loma Linda Medical School in California has indicated that pepper fights cancer effectively. By adding pepper to meat like it is done with suya, prevents the liver from turning the polyaromatic hydrocarbons into carcinogens.

Ginger: Ginger's protein- digesting enzymes make it healthy for spicing meat and fish. Ginger is also a rich source of anti-oxidants that makes cooked meat safer.

Onions: Studies have found that adding onions to high fat diets lower blood cholesterol . By thinning the blood, it prevents platelet clumping and inhibits clotting.

Using freshly sliced onions to garnish meet is an effective antidote to the ill effects associated with meat and other fatty food.

Thyme: Meat can be made safer with thyme which is an aromatic herb containing essential oils and antioxidants. Thyme is known to be a good digestive aid for fatty foods.



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