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Finishing Strong...

Taking a look at the year you ask yourself “what have I achieved?” Deep within, you feel more insecure than others about the issue of parenting, and if you are getting it right.

Children differ, so you cannot use the same yard stick to measure, but it is a major problem when consistency in a child's development is lost. Children tend to look for the easy way out as they grow, as adults we do same.

When a child is unable to see a particular task to the end, you need to check it. supporting your child in finding something he/she will have a passion for, you acquire for them all you can lay your hands on. At the tail end your home is filled with all manner of toys, half-read books, football kits and so on.

All that is happening is your child is enjoying entitlement, your child has the feeling that I can get what I want when I want it. You want something, you work to get it and also work to keep it, this way you don't encourage materialism. We must attach reasonable time line to every activity so they cultivate the habit of seeing tasks through.

We must remember that parenting is not a “who is cool contest.” As parents you need to be able to balance the difference between being the parent and the friend, because we must be able to put our feet down when necessary and still remain friends with the kids.

Remember as parents, you are a mirror for your kids. If you don't finish strong then you will be wasting your time expecting your kids to finish strong, trust me on one thing, they will be better quitters than you can be.



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