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Being A DJ Is My Way Of Making Music-A Wizzy

Ayodele Olukosi known as DJ A Wizzy is a versatile young DJ who has his eyes on reaching the peak of his career. He is a DJ at Sound Bar, the top notch night club in Ilorin.

Who is A Wizzy?
My name is Ayodele Olukosi, from Eruku in Kwara State. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Olukosi in the year 1993. I am the first born and have three siblings. I attended Bishop Smith Secondary School, Ilorin, Kwara State. I am yet to gain admission into the university.

When did you get into the entertainment industry?
I started out drumming as a hobby in Church, but in 2010, I met DJ Lollypop who showed me the ropes of being a DJ.

What informed your choice of becoming professional DJ?
I enjoy listening to music for relaxation and I have a passion for good music so when I met DJ Lollypop I knew this was what I wanted to do, become a professional DJ.

I would have been a musician but it was not working so I felt this is my own way of creative expression and making music with my ability to mix, change beats and scratch.

What was your family’s reaction?
To be frank, my parents did not support the idea at all because they felt it was not a profession, more so they felt I was not going to further my education if I started out in the entertainment industry. But today I can say they are proud of me.

What makes you stand out as a DJ?
My training and equipment makes the difference. I was trained by DJ Lollypop who I can say is one of the best DJs around. For the equipment I use a Pioneer 1000 player plus turn-table.

Would you say you have been able to carve a niche for yourself as a DJ?
I would say to an extent, but I am still building the blocks.

Who are your role models?
DJ Lollypop is my all time favourite, followed by DJ Jimmy Jatt and DJ Baggio.

Just like DJ Jimmy Jatt, do you hope to feature artists?
I hope to get there soon, but as you know it entails a lot and I need to further build my capacity to that point.

How did you get into Sound Bar?
It was during one of the club nights that i was approached to come for an interview at Sound Bar. Before then I was a DJ at Orient Nite Club, Bovina, and Princess. But I got the Sound Bar job through my hard work.

How true is the saying that entertainment brings fame but no money?
Yes it’s true, but it depends on how you position yourself. Most entertainers live beyond their means so obviously the saying will come true in their case; on the other hand some are not proactive so opportunities pass them by.

Apart from being a DJ what else would you love to do?
Do you mean as a job? Well, I would say an office job is out of the question because what I will be paid in thirty days I am paid in a week, so for now I am concentrating on making sure I am on top of my game as a DJ.

Does that mean you smile to the bank regularly?
We thank God for his mercies.

How do you find the entertainment industry in Kwara State (Ilorin)?
Entertainment is picking up here, because the clubs and entertainment centres are beginning to spring up and are doing quite well.

What has been your challenge as a DJ?
I am one of the lucky ones, because I had a good mentor who puts me right. So basically I would say it’s been good for me. However, Ilorin cannot be compared to Lagos in terms of income one makes as a D.J.

How do you relax?
I stay at home unless I have something to celebrate. Well, i have a drink or two just to relax.



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