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The Will…

Writing a will does not mean you are going to die, but it gives you the assurance that you have taken care of your family.

These days more people are settling for the nuclear family setting in which you have both spouses plus their children thinking that this will solve the dispute that arises when properties are to be shared. Sorry folks it is not always the case.

The main essence of the writing the will is to make sure that all parties involved get what they deserve.

Some key notes to consider when writing your will:

  • Make sure your will is in a written form.

  • Identify yourself and make sure it is stated that you are in the right frame of mind and were not forced.

  • Know what your average worth is and list beneficiaries.

  • Make room for a next of kin

  • Look out for a capable guardian in the event that your children are still minors and your spouse is no more.

  • Appoint an executor to carry out your will (a lawyer).

  • Write a residuary clause so that in the event that your assets or finances increases your residuary beneficiaries will claim them.

  • Read over your will to make sure there are no mistakes in your NAME & SIGNATURE and make sure that all pages of your will is initialed.

  • Store your will in a safe place



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