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Pioneers Without Frontiers-One Year Of City Spotlight Magazine

On behalf of City Spotlight Magazine family, we would like to warmly welcome you to our 1st Anniversary celebration. We hope you enjoy your time here with us.

One year ago we acted on what was more of a dream, to have a magazine in Kwara state for Kwaran’s. We wanted City Spotlight Magazine to be the flagship publication that could cut across different age brackets, celebrate Kwara State and also remedy the inadequate media coverage of the outstanding achievements of indigenes and residents in the public, private and business sectors, government’s efforts and achievement in the areas of developmental projects and governance;

Thus is how we began the uncharted course which has made us pioneers without frontiers. Also to mention that the magazine business is one which is highly capital intensive and as such most magazines don’t go beyond the first edition. We have scaled through the first 12months and we can say thank God for his mercies.

We are no different from any other small business “cash as it is said is king” and in business the king cash will laud his power over a business owner in the first few years. We also learnt a lot of lessons along the way in the University of Hard Knocks. Our biggest lesson and take home price is better put in the words of Les Brown.

“Life will surely knock you down,
when you fall, make sure you fall on your back,
because if you can look up, you can get up.
Giving up is not an option!”

Therefore this is not a chest beating event but rather a thanksgiving celebration.

Within our first year of operations, we have made modest progress in vital areas of our operations. We were able to create our own effective high demand distribution network of 9 locations which does not rely on vendors or middlemen. The shelf life between delivery and readers’ pickup has been attested to as being less than four hours. Only very few of our outlets have copies left after a week. Within the next few weeks, our new outlets at Offa and Omu Aran will become operational while arrangements for Kwara North have reached an advanced stage.

Our readership base started from zero, but today, we have on record 5,000 direct regular readers, 15,000 pass on readers, 4,000 online readers and email subscribers. In new technology terms, we have the attention of at least 48,000 eyeballs monthly and still counting.

City Spotlight Magazine has made progress in consistent but mini steps over the past year and has made a lot of impact in the lives of people and businesses in Kwara. We would have wished to respond to the request for more, but we are mindful of our humble beginning and the size of our cloth before designing the coat.

Our online strategy has paid off with high Google and search engine ratings in our main keyword areas. We usually smile when we Google Kwara State lifestyle and only www.cityspotlightonline and its articles dominate the first twenty entries on the list. We thank God Almighty for this and many more achievement of the City Spotlight Magazine.


My highlighting the accomplishments of City Spotlight Magazine will be preceded by the famous saying of Sir John A. MacDonald states that:

“Accomplishment is a statement of an agreeable truth;
flattery is a statement of agreeable untruth”.

With our modest resources, we have tried to make an impact on businesses, industry and the state in the areas of public enlightenment, advocacy and public enlightenment.

Since inception, we have undertaken the task of creating awareness for local tourism with our features on the tour sites in Kwara State. Our national and global campaign will unfold in the coming months.

We have provided public enlightenment campaigns under the current Development section where we have covered insurance education, cashless policy, anti flooding among others.

We held the first ever Annual Kwara State Banking & Financial Services Survey, an annual supplement which evaluates players in the industry and culminate with the Annual Banking & Financial Services Awards in July 2013.215398385aa0ecc.jpg

This project was an eye opener for us. While most industry players in the state complained of the unresponsiveness of their head offices to their participation request. We discovered otherwise for ourselves. Almost all of the head offices were disappointed in the sales figures to be evaluated from Kwara State. They were oblivious of the number of industrial and commercial concerns in the state and that majority of them were located in Ilorin. We are sure that with the available situation report the 2014 edition will see more participation. Only one of the awards will be given here tonight.

On 16th of May, 2014, we launched the Annual Kwara Club 100, another first of its kind, which will be present the facts behind the figures for the top 100 companies in the state based on growth, profitability and corporate excellence.

Come September, Ilorin Business Network will be functional. It is a support group for entrepreneurs, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. It will provide mentorship, advisory and industry specific specialist services to members.

As a socially responsible organization, City Spotlight Magazine adopted the Dada Pottery Industry at Okelele, Ilorin. We have been promoting the group with advertising, marketing and public relations while working with them in the formation of a formidable cooperative oriented pottery industry that could now service an order of 3,000 pots to client specification by the women within 3 weeks. The result of this is a recent order from NNPC in Port Harcourt for their offices and residences apart from several other small orders. Show them a design and specify a delivery date. The order is as good as fulfilled.

As we enter our second year, we will capitalize on the lessons learned and the realities of the market dynamics to position ourselves for long-term competitive advantage. We have been working on new business and marketing models which will usher in the “New Improved City Spotlight Magazine”.

Our business and service listing will be launched soon with the goal of being the most comprehensive database of verified service providers and businesses in the state.

We will further strengthen our online presence and user relevance while considerably growing our readership. Arrangements have been concluded with organized groups of citizens and friends of Kwara State in Diaspora yearning for information from home and to be featured also as making giant strides wherever they are domiciled.

These modest accomplishments would not have been achievable by our efforts.

Our very special thanks go to God Almighty, our biggest shareholder and Chairman, for great things he has done and greater things are yet to come. May your name be praised forever.

Our special thanks go to:

To our parents for giving us gift of being born, without you we would not been opportune to be here today.

Rev. Fr. Felix Okoro, our parish priest and spiritual director who never failed to remind us of God’s unfailing providence despite all odds and entrenched in us the conscience examination in the pursuit of business success.

To all members of City Spotlight family in their different capacities whose contribution and sacrifices have given us a magazine we are all proud of.

To all our friends especially Dr. & Mrs. Femi Oyebanji and Mr. Sunday Ibitomi, you have reinforced our belief that true friendship like wine, matures with age. According to Rhea Olsen, “Good friends stand by each other as a combined shield from the storm”.

Mr. Yinka Olaoye, a brother who goes to great lengths in rendering the needed support every time.

The Femtech I. T. family, led by Mr. Emmanuel Abidoye with whom our business relationship based on mutual support and respect naturally took on the form of being family members. We look forward closer ties both in business and on the home fronts.

Mr. Mabasa and the management of Kwara Hotel for their support and also making City Spotlight Magazine available to all their guests.

Architect Niyi Adekeye and Mr. Bobadoye who not minding the generational gap have shared us with their valuable time and experiences in sharing ideas and brainstorming based on objectivity and verifiable data.

Dr. Muyideen Akorede for his objective advice and a trusted liaison between us and the government for credible information

Our print and online readers whose comments and support gave us courage to continue. Without you, we have no reason being in this business

MTN Connect, Ahmadu Bello Way who had to bear the pain of being a distribution centre and the unenviable task of explaining why the copies get finished too quickly

This address would never be complete without a ton of gratitude going to my soul mate, confidante, number one critic and editor at large, Anthonia Olubunmi Alabi who not only accommodated my unromantic work style and frequent travels, but lovingly encouraged us in every way humanly possible while keeping the home front like a man. As we say in Twi, Ye Daasi Pa!

Finally, I wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being here to share the joy of our first anniversary and our belief that “Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.
When they say you can’t. Then you have to”.

God bless you all and enjoy the rest of the evening.



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