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It’s Time You Sent A ‘Thank You’ Note

There are many reasons to say thank you both in business and our private lives. It could be after receiving a birthday gift, salary increase, business referral, approval of a proposal or attendance of your birthday, wedding or naming ceremony of your child.

It is considered appropriate to say 'thank you' for all the situations mentioned above and in a timely manner too. Saying 'thank you' could be through personal visits, telephone calls, letters or the 'thank you' note.

Ideally, the notes should be hand written, but with the availability of advanced communication facilities, some people have resorted to SMS, Blackberry Messenger, emails and other forms of electronic communications.

Etiquette experts say that a ‘thank you’ note is considered timely when it is sent within two weeks of receiving the kind gesture or gift. It is important to understand that these notes are to express your appreciation and therefore do not have to be long or wordy, but should be long enough to mention the reason or gift the note is being sent.

Instead of saying “thanks for your assistance”, you could consider saying “Thank you for making it possible for me to meet with Mr. Ojo for the presentation of our proposal”. Remember, these tiny notes help in building and sustaining relationships.

An important time to write a ‘thank you’ note is after a prospective employee is invited for an interview. He or she thanks the interviewer for taking time to speak with him/her while reestablishing his/her suitability for the position. Whenever you are unable to send a ‘thank you’ note, humbly apologise.

Sending ‘thank you’ notes to co workers in the course of duty shows you respect and appreciate the working relationship while building trust between you. Neglecting to thank other people for their kind gesture portrays your selfishness and self centeredness.

You must realise that being criticized is intended to make you better most of the time rather than being out of hatred. When criticised, critically evaluate the criticisms after your initial sore feelings and thank them for the advice. When people begin to notice you are becoming a better person by taking their advice, they begin to respect you.

Thanking your spouse and children makes them feel good and appreciated. This in turn helps them to know when to thank other people. Saying thank you is expected in every culture all over the world so let's start sending 'thank you' notes.



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