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Health Tips For The Christmas Season

There is every reason to celebrate the Christmas holidays. It is equally better to celebrate in moderation. Living a healthy lifestyle during the festive season is a sure way of feeling and looking good while maintaining a constant energy level.

The holiday season is a period when there be a lot to eat and drink. While the wining and dining is on, watch what you eat.

Nutritionists advise that greasy, high sodium, high fat foods and soft drinks should be avoided. Fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and lean meat are recommended to provide all the nutrients the body needs.

Taking a break is vital in avoiding a breakdown during the holidays. Avoid getting absorbed in too much activity. Take time to sit back and relax by giving yourself adequate rest. This helps to re-energise for when the energy will be needed. It is important that you learn to manage and reduce activity induced stress by exercising regularly.

Getting enough sleep is a major factor in staying healthy. Your body depends on the quality of sleep you get to rest, regain your strength and prepare yourself for the next day's activity.

Insufficient sleep due to a busy lifestyle can cause your immune system to run down. It is essential that you sleep well after attending the numerous functions and activities associated with the Christmas holidays.

Having a few drinks for celebration is not a bad idea, but adequate intake of water should be a priority. Make sure you drink enough water during the day to replenish your body's water supply. Water is also helpful in flushing out toxins from the body.

Regular exercise helps to keep the body and heart in good shape. The activities of the holidays should not make you stop exercising.

You could organise to include games and long walks with family and friends into the activities. It is recommended by experts that adults should get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily for five days in a week.

Consistent exercise is known to help improve mental alertness and stability.

A blend of consistent exercise and good nutrition are vital to your maintaining good health and quality living while maintaining a reasonable weight as well as reducing the risk of heart diseases.

The Christmas season is another opportunity to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This will be achieved by the evaluation of all aspects of your life and making amendments where necessary.

Celebrate the season!



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