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Keeping Your Home Smelling Sweet

Oh my, oh my. I said what's the problem pal? The next thing he said was “guy your house always dey smell fresh”.

I must say that cleaning alone can't make your home smell great, it needs the artificial touch. Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwoods would do the job.

Compared to what obtains here, in the more developed countries you don't have to be rich to have a beautiful home that smells perfect.

Enough of the talk this is what you need to do:

I. Make it a point to clean your home regularly.

II. Before you buy a room fragrance determine the number of rooms and their sizes.

III. Big rooms are better scented with candles, while small rooms are easily scented with the fragrance diffuser.

The kinds of 'pocket friendly' fragrance you can buy.
I. Scented Candles (comes in different sizes, colour and aroma).

II. Fragrance diffusers (can be refilled and comes in different aromas).

Note: Air fresheners are good, easy to use but short lived.



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