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Business Ethics 101

In this article, we will be dealing with a few issues that have to do with in house manners and protocol. Remember that being familiar with unwritten rules of etiquette gives you the upper hand over those that don't. Routine activities such as meetings become an opportunity to shine.

You become aware of the issues of personal space and how it might be building or impairing your office relationships. In this era of cell-phones, the growth and development of this commodity has not been met with the etiquettes of using it. So in this article you will find a few tips for cell phone usage.

Putting your best foot forward doesn't so much flatter you as win the respect of those around you. Learn to live your life with ease and focus your knowing how to navigate events and relationships with grace, finesse and elegance.

Office Meetings

  • Be on time for the meeting. It influences a lot of good when you are seen to be respectful of the time and best interest of others. If you cannot make it on time, do inform the chairperson that you will be late. When you arrive say a brief apology in the direction of everybody present and settle yourself in really quick.

  • It's a well known protocol that everyone remains standing until the heads of the meeting take their seats. Don't stand around idle; speak to people in the room and introduce yourself if need be, but make sure it's not done while the meeting is on.

  • Keep everything you will need on the table in front of you. Your bags or briefcase should stay on the floor next to you but not in your pathway so as to avoid tripping.

  • Seat upright and alert. Avoid slouching or relaxing too far back in your seat. Most people believe that meetings are a waste of time. That is an open window of opportunity to show what you are made of, so it's advised you make the most of it.

  • Be present fully at the meeting, all thoughts and focus must be on the meeting. Contribute where necessary and ask questions relevant to the meeting. Note that when comments relating to the company must be made it must be done using team words ''we or us.''

Everyone likes to protect his or her territory, this is an act that dates decades back and it is still very present in our beings. So to avoid causing any trouble about ''SPACE''

  • All must make it a point to mind their own desks and also do duties that concerns you as an employee.

  • Co-workers take offence when a fellow from another department tries to scrutinize the activities of co-worker in a different department.

  • When either a male or female co-worker tries to get too close to the other it raises eyebrow and causes discomfort.

Cell Phones
Here are just a few pointers on using your cell phone at a place of work:

  • Keep your phone on silent or vibration, this for you not to disrupt the activities of your co-workers.

  • If you must use a ring tone avoid the use of embarrassing ring tones and also make it a point to keep it low.

  • If you must use your cell phone at work excuse yourself and keep your voice down.

  • Try to keep your emotions at bay no matter the circumstance. This may give people a wrong impression of you as having anger management problems.

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