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Hope-embrace of the unknown

The wind of change is sweeping throughout the world! We saw that happen in the US with the “Trumping” of the Democrats. There are lessons to be learnt in every situation.

Donald Trump was believed to absolutely have no chance at all, but he is now the president-elect of the most powerful nation in the world!
One of the lessons to be learnt is that when you listen to the concerns of the people, and offer them the assurance of addressing those concerns, you are assured of their support for your cause and ambition.

That was precisely what happened to Donald Trump! Americans were concerned about their personal well being and not the gains of globalization, about their lost jobs and how to make the next mortgage payment...Trump promised to bring back the jobs and he got the votes.

Another lesson was the belief by the democrats that the blue wall would be impregnable, because they traditionally voted for democrats...Not in the face of the current realities, as the average American felt the party was not listening to their concerns. Can we see the same playing out in our countries?

It is believed that in Nigeria, the people’s cries or protests cannot be sustained for more than three days before the search for the next meal will drive the populace back to the status quo! How wrong can the government be? Not when there is no hope of the next meal for a vast majority even if the protests were aborted.

All said, the struggle continues...Have a Merry Christmas anyway!



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