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Hope-embrace of the unknown

The year 2016 was tough! Despite all odds, we all managed to get by. We lost a lot and achieved little or nothing, but hope was not lost!

“Hope is a gift you don't have to surrender, a power you don't have to throw away. ”-Rebecca Solnit
These are extraordinary times indeed. We have demanded change. We have had to adapt and undergo changes...some terrible, some delightful. In all, we have changed and will continue to change.

We are daily confronted with evidence of suffering and destruction all around us. It is a statement that acknowledges that grief and hope coexist. Only those with ideas will surmount the current obstacles and come out better at the break of the new dawn.

“Critical thinking without hope is cynicism, but hope without critical thinking is naivety,” the Bulgarian writer Maria Popova recently remarked. Hope doesn't mean shying away from the current realities. It means facing them squarely and adjusting our lives to meet the challenges they present.

The current situations now require a bold decision to strive for success and make a positive contribution to society from our little corners. People will normally give up or never get begin a noble cause without assurance of victory or fail to recognise the victories already achieved. Giving up is not an option!

Paul Goodman famously wrote, “Suppose you had the revolution you are talking and dreaming about. Suppose your side had won, and you had the kind of society that you wanted. How would you live, you personally, in that society? Start living that way now!” It's an argument for tiny and temporary victories, and for the possibility of partial victories in the absence or even the impossibility of total victories.

We can only draw on our inherent power to move into the future if we could only calm down and think. You may choose to move forward toward the future.

The glorious illumination of our past victories could be the light we need to pass through the dark night called future. The future is now. Welcome to the future.



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