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Are we moving with the times?

On the march again, Nigeria on the march again...looking for Mr President. This used to be a National Orientation jingle in the past prior to elections.

President Buhari went on a ten day annual leave. Big deal! He is entitled to that. Some say it was for medical reasons. So what? Is he not human? Everyone gets ill once in a while. Is there anyone who is not aware of the President's age? Is he a superman on account of being a President in Nigeria?

The social media has gone awash with different stories, even some insinuating his death. We take exception to sensationalism as a means of news dissemination or getting readers to their websites. It is totally irresponsible on the part of the newsmongers.

Truth be told, the social media platforms are the first stop for people seeking information nowadays. Times have change, the social media had a great input in the winning of the 2015 election. One would expect the same channel to be used effectively after the victory.

This is why governance also needs to “get social”. Most of the government functionaries have personal social media accounts. Some even have official accounts which are usually used for propaganda. Why them couldn't these platforms be used to inform the citizenry of our President's where about and welfare?

This information blackout even gave room for speculative news by flight by night news websites using cloned names of reputable organisations to perpetrate their campaign of calumny. How sad? One of such websites claimed the Queen of England sent a condolence message to Nigerians. Can you beat that?

Nigerians have a right to be concerned and adequately informed about their president’s welfare. All they ask for is information and nothing more.

The reality is that a good job is not being done with the President's information management on both the traditional and social mass media leaving a lot to be desired. We need to move with the times.

Where information is unavailable, misinformation carries the day. Nigeria on the march again...looking for Mr President...



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