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Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Stroke

Stroke is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the world and is on the rise in middle-aged women. Women are at a higher risk of getting stroke than men.

Stroke is a brain attack so to say. Blood clots or fatty clot deposits that build up blocks blood flow to the brain resulting in death of brain cells. The longer the brain goes without oxygen, the greater the risk of lasting brain damage.

Most of the time our lifestyle makes us more prone to life threatening diseases like stroke. We need to desist from habits like smoking, drinking, eating inorganic red meat, etc. Women who take oral contraceptives are more liable to stroke. These lifestyle changes are not really new as most of my previous posts are on them.

We need to exercise more often, be it brisk walking or jogging – something to keep the heart racing as this reduces the risk of stroke by about 30%. Walking briskly 20 minutes daily would help. Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of stroke so get out more often and enjoy the sunlight.

We are what we eat. Diet is everything and it affects our general health. As said earlier we need to reduce our intake of inorganic red meat, but grass-fed meat is way better. We should also try to stay clear of diet soda; it increases our risk by about 45%. Try eating healthy diets by including olive oil, sweet potatoes, raisins, banana and tomatoes. They are rich in potassium and stroke reducing nutrients.
We also need to consume more fibre, wheat bread, beans, whole-wheat pasta, whole grains, etc. 7 grams of fibre consumed daily might reduce your risk of stroke by 7%.

The hours of sleep we get also increases the risk of getting stroke. We are to get not more than 7-8 hours of sleep as anything more might affect the blood supply to the brain. Severe snoring and drowsiness can be signs of sleep apnea. Sufferers stop breathing for short periods depriving the brain and organs of oxygen which may lead to stroke or heart attack.

Now that we are enlightened on changes we can make to prevent stroke, here are some sighs to watch out for incase of a stroke attack.
FACE: uneven smile, facial droopiness, numbness and vision disturbance.

ARM/LEG: Weakness, numbness, difficulty walking.

SPEECH: Slurred, inappropriate words, mute.
Time is key, if you notice any of the above signs get medical attention immediately. Time lost is brain lost.

The earlier we change our lifestyle, the longer we live.

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