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5 Things To Purge From Your Bathroom Today

Jennifer Hunter

Sure, you give your bath a surface clean every once in a while, but admit it - there are things lurking in your bathroom that you probably haven't seen for years. Time to change all that, my friends. Time to tackle the bath - and deal with these five things right now.

1. Expired medication
It's easy to relegate dusty bottles to the back of the medicine cabinet and never think about them again, but take this as a sign that it's time to check out (and perhaps toss out) anything that has passed its expiration date. By the way, don't ever flush pills down the toilet - they could contaminate the water supply. If you have something potentially dangerous, many pharmacies now have "take back" capabilities, otherwise, the regular trash should do just fine.

2. Threadbare towels
You deserve better! A nice relaxing shower should be capped off with a fresh, fluffy towel - it's one of life's little pleasures. Don't deny yourself. If your towels are past their prime, treat yourself to a few new beauties and watch your mornings get so much better.

3. Rusty razors
This is downright dangerous. If rust enters your body, it can give you a nasty infection, tetanus or even gangrene. And, let's face it, if your razor is old enough that it has rust, it probably WILL cut you. Why take that chance? Replace it, or just go crazy and skip a day.

4. Duplicates
You don't need all those half-empty bottles hanging out in your shower. If you've decided that a certain formula isn't working for you, you certainly aren't going to like it any more six months from now. Do yourself (and anyone you share a shower with) a favour and free up the space.

5. Things that don't belong
This is true: when thinking about writing this article, I took a look under my own sink to get some...ahem...inspiration. What did I find? My screwdriver. The one I left there 6 months ago and have been looking for ever since.

Don't be like me. Clear out all the incidentals that you've shoved into random bathroom cabinets. You'll get the extra space AND you might just get some of your lost stuff back! Bonus.

Source: Apartment Therapy



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