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Defending The Indigent’s Rights Is Paramount

Barrister (Mrs.) Ruth Abiola Adimula, is the Principal Partner, Biola Adimula & Co, Salvation Chambers, Ilorin.

Could you give us a peek into your background ?
I was born over four and a half decades ago in Egbe (now Kogi State) to the Josiah Afolabi's family of Agunlayan's compound Omupo, Kwara State. I attended ECWA Primary school, Oke-Egbe between 1973 and 1979, I was in Titcombe College Egbe between 1979 and 1984.

I studied for my “A” Level at Kwara Tech (now Kwara Poly) from 1986 to 1988. I hold an LL.B of ABU, Zaria (1992), BL (1993), LL.M (Ife) 2004 and I have just defended my Ph.D thesis (University of Ilorin) recently.

I grew under my parents in Egbe. My father was a clergy man, a farmer and a disciplinarian who ensured that seeds of Godliness were sown in our lives at a very tender age as his children and taught us the act of responsibility and hard work which has remained with my siblings and I till date.

When and why was your organization/business started and who are the promoters?
Salvation Chambers started in 1995, as a result of inability to get engaged profitably professionally in existing Law firms. After my youth service in 1994, I worked for a year as a volunteer with a Law firm, during which time I worked hard to learned extensively about law practice, after which I registered my Law firm (Biola Adimula & Co.) and I opened a private Law firm in October, 1995.

I had a very humble beginning of my legal practice and in a very short time, the few clients I worked for identified truth, hard work and faithfulness in my services and they did not only stick to my professional services, they also introduced “good” clients who engaged my legal services and paid rewarding professional fees to me. Notable among them iss Otunba Olusola Adekanola's family and business outfit. Today, God has used some clients (though few but great) for the uplifting of my business.

What motivated you to start the business?
To me, defending the rights of the indigent is paramount, being the voice of the voiceless and protecting the rights of women and children are services that attract my passion..
The need to do business and make ends meet at family, professional, secular and religious levels are also some of the underlining reasons for establishing the Law Firm.

What was it like at the beginning and how has the growth process being?
The beginning was really humble. Paying the initial rent of N12,000 for my office accommodation was tough! I had to take donations/contributions from family members to complete the rent.
Also, to be able to equip the office with a table and two chairs, my husband as a University Lecturer had to take a loan of N7,000.

The office floor was rough and we had no money to buy carpet to cover it. No office equipment, not even a manual typewriter! But as I started getting briefs, I gradually put the office in shape with necessary office equipment and comfort and by 1997, we were able to buy our first car (Mercedes Benz) which was the talk of the town then. As the business grew, we started building a personal office and in 2001 we moved to our own permanent office where we occupy till date.

How many branches do you have now and the locations?
The main office and head office is at No. 17A, Offa Road, GRA, Ilorin, Nigeria. We also have contact office and partners in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

What were the challenges you had faced before getting to this level?
Challenges faced included finance and low business at several times.

Are you involved in any other business?
However, I engage myself in non governmental organization through which means I serve humanity in the areas of my passion.

What would you consider as your major career/business achievements?
First and foremost is bringing smiles on the faces of my clients through the cases I handle for them. I derive joy in their satisfaction of successful outcomes and relationship good with them.

At the NGO level, I am happy that I have been able to impact many lives.
Since I started the Law firm, God has blessed me with wonderful and committed staff who we achieve these successes together.

How has your career/organization made impact on the society?
My career has impacted many lives that I served professionally and through my organization (NGO) I have been able to nominate up to 14 professionals from different fields for Commonwealth Fellowship programmes in the United Kingdom with all expenses borne by the British Council and each of the fellows careers have been enhanced.

I successfully coordinated the children parliament for the establishment of Family Court in Kwara State and today, the court is functioning to serve the society.
Also, I initiated and also I am a key player in the Kiddies Sigth-saving Endowment Fund, which provide free eye surgeries to indigent children in Nigeria- about 50 children have benefitted from this humanitarian service.

To the glory of God, the popular Great Kwara Spelling Bee competition was my initiative, and through spelling bee competitions organized among public and private secondary schools in Kwara State since 2010. Many students lives have been impacted with scholarships, donation of laptops, exposure through international trips and above all, it has enhanced academic performance in schools generally especially in public schools where better WASC and NECO results are recorded and increasing percentage of students from public schools qualifying to contest at final stage.

In fact, in 2013 it was 50% each performance for both public and private schools in Kwara State. Needless to mention several women and children that I have served to bring respite to in the violation of their rights.

What policies or strategies have kept you career/organization going over the years?
The basic strategy is godliness, diligence, sincerity of purpose and trustworthiness which God has enabled my clients and those who work with me to identify and to support and stick to me and my services both professionally and in humanitarian services.

What should we look forward to from you/your organization in the near future?
More and better services to humanity! Like advocating for the health rights of people and students especially on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Also, now that I am working as Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Kwara State on Women Affairs, I plan to work on making more children aware about their rights and pursue it for redress in times of violation which is increasing by the day. This will be done through the establishment of Child Rights Club in Schools. I will also pursue empowerment of women especially those who are trained in particular vocation but cannot afford purchase of the vocational equipment and I will organise more academic competitions for secondary schools among others



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