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How To Wash Walls
Washing your walls is a fantastic deep cleaning chore that is best tackled in late spring and early fall when you can crack a window or open a door to assist in the drying process.
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Edition: 017

5 Things To Purge From Your Bathroom Today
Sure, you give your bath a surface clean every once in a while, but admit it - there are things lurking in your bathroom that you probably haven't seen for years. Time to change all that, my friends.
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Edition: 016

How To Deep Green Clean Your Carpets
Over time spot cleaning just doesn't do it. You turn around one day and your carpets are a shade darker than when you had them installed.
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Edition: 015

Air Purifying House Plants For Your Home
House plants can make your home more “breathable” by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air through photosynthesis, but they can also filter and purify the air.
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Edition: 014

Decorating With Pillows
Want an instant makeover? No need to redo the entire living room. Just add a decorative pillow (or three).
Check out these decorating ideas from designers who share their tips on arranging throw pillows.
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Edition: 013

How To Use Your Home’s Negative Space
The optimal goal of designing a room is to make it feel in balance - the perfect amount of furniture, art and accessories so that it feels full, sophisticated and exciting.

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Edition: 012

Tips in Decorating Small Bedrooms
Decorating small bedrooms is indeed a challenge. But when done well, you will be happy with the results.
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Edition: 011

How to Design a Small Living Room
All small spaces present design challenges, but as the living room is where you probably spend the most time (and certainly the one guests experience the most of), designing a small one can be especially tricky.
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Edition: 010

Arranging Your Living Room Sofa
With the right sofa arrangement, living room furnishing can be very simple but still look very luxurious. To position you sofa and achieve adequate space and convenience, here is help for you.
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Edition: 009

Acquiring Your Dream Home
We have always had the belief that the size of our home would always be a determining factor of how financially sound we are, but I must say gone are those days.
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Edition: 008

Patio designs for the home.
This is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically paved.
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Edition: 007

Investing In Real Estate With Loved Ones.
The key to making a business relationship among family work is to set some clear guidelines at the beginning and then stick to them.
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