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# 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Top Banner (Home Page) N28,000.00 N44,800.00 N80,800.00
Top Banner (Other Pages) N24,000.00 N40,800.00 N76,800.00
Side Scraper (Home Page) N19,000.00 N29,500.00 N52,000.00
Side Scraper (Other Pages) N15,000.00 N25,500.00 N48,000.00
Side Button (Home Page) N14,000.00 N21,000.00 N36,000.00
Side Button (Other Pages) N10,000.00 N17,000.00 N32,000.00

Below are our Electronic Edition Advertisement Rates
# 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Front Page Strip N32,400.00 N61,200.00 N115,200.00
Inner Front Cover N40,500.00 N76,500.00 N144,000.00
Inner Back Cover N40,500.00 N76,500.00 N144,000.00
Back Cover N56,000.00 N102,000.00 N192,000.00
Full Page N27,000.00 N51,000.00 N96,000.00
Half Page N20,250.00 N38,250.00 N72,000.00
Quarter Page N10,800.00 N20,400.00 N38,400.00
Shop Box N5,400.00 N10,200.00 N19,200.00

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